A self portrait of Amber Louise Edwards of Amber Louise Photography

I believe in unscripted beauty

My name is Amber Louise. Yes, that is my real name as given to me by my parents. I'm a mom, wife, nature & fine art photographer, and owner of Amber Louise Photography and Busy Creating Memories.
I was born and raised in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Western Wyoming where I developed an immense love of nature and wildlife. Together with my husband we have been blessed to live in Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, Kansas, Germany, and now Northwest Arkansas.
Through all our travels, my love for the unique beauty that nature has to offer, in its various forms and in diverse locations, has only intensified. I've dedicated myself to finding the unscripted beauty in the world around us, no matter where I am.
I believe in the influential significance of realistic natural art. I am here to share that with you.

To be completely honest, we're not like all the others

When I first got into photography, I was bombarded by a world filled with edited fantasies. Nothing in the “photograph” was real. It was all photoshopped until it barely resembled the original moment of capture. I’m not talking about a little brightening or a small touch up of a blemish. I’m talking about completely changing the image into an impossible mirage of perfection. Everything became more of a digitally created graphic and less of something you could actually see in real life. And while these works of art are beautiful in their own rights, I was left feeling disenchanted.
I wanted to capture and share something real.
There is a unique beauty in the unscripted and unedited. Here at Amber Louise Photography we believe that the unscripted, natural scene can be a moving piece of art. Our Fine Art Prints are all composed to showcase the beauty of our natural world. What creative artistic licenses we take with our work are done in the camera with minimal altering done in post processing.

How is Amber Louise Photography unique?

What makes Amber Louise Fine art photography unique is the art created IN THE CAMERA.  The work done in the camera greatly limits post-production editing. 

What this means is that very little editing is done on the computer in software editing programs.

Almost all of the artwork from the design, coloring, saturation, and composition is all done IN THE CAMERA.
I believe a photographer should understand and use all the features, settings, and options of their tools inside the camera whenever possible. And then the use of editing software can help minimally after the fact, to emphasize key elements of the photograph. 
A photographer should start with a near-perfect image in the first place and not rely on photo editing software to “fix” or “create” the image later.  Enhance slightly, sure. But not completely change the image. 
The result is more authentic, natural beauty that is true to life, yet still instills the magic of the moment of conception from the artist.
When I first got into photography, I was bombarded by “experts” who emphasized editing software as the main component of getting a good image. But I don’t believe a photographer HAS to edit greatly to have a work of art. You can create stunning works of fine art solely with your camera. 

The Power of Fine Art

I believe there is a tangible benefit to filling your environment with fine art nature photography!
Exposure to nature not only makes you feel better emotionally, it contributes to your physical wellbeing, reducing blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and the production of stress hormones.
Having fine art nature photography in your home allows you to bring those feelings of outside to the inside. Displaying nature photography in your home has even been scientifically proven to have mental and physical health benefits, impacting your overall health and mood.
When you install nature photography art in your rooms, offices, waiting rooms, or lobbies, you create a calming effect on yourself and your guests.
cream couch with motion blur fine art print on the wall of trees and grass at a pond

Looking for beautiful art for your home or interior design business?

Look no further! I believe in offering the highest museum quality photographic art, while continuously going above and beyond for collectors of my work, providing exceptional and personal customer service.
Regardless if you’re looking for fine art for your home, office, restaurant, hotel, or healthcare, I can help you create a space that will inspire your guests, patients, employees, and more. Needing new artwork for office spaces? Have a home re-modeling or new home project? Or maybe a statement piece for your hospital lobby? Contact me to discuss your project in detail.
Decorating your home with beautiful fine art nature photography can have a calming effect on yourself and your guests. It helps liven conversations, gives a focal point to any room and can make whatever statement you want depending on the piece selected.
Office waiting room with cream couch, wood chairs and Meadowlark bird print on wall

Fine Art for Businesses & Office Interior Design

Fine Art Nature Prints are not just for the home! Banks, financial institutions, corporate offices, and more can make use of fine art nature photography to liven both their workspaces and the areas where customers and clients frequent to create an atmosphere that is good for conducting business.

Do you have a sentimental scene you wish to capture?

Not only do I offer fine art prints of places and moments I experience, but I also offer custom location photography shooting services so you can capture the sentimental scenes around you!
I know how a location can hold cherished memories. For me, it is my childhood home and the surrounding canyons I would spend every summer exploring with my family. I love seeing the old farm equipment my father and grandfather spent hours toiling over, the bleeding heart bushes from my Mother’s garden, and the meadowlark that would sing every summer of my childhood on the farm.
Each of these images flood my mind with treasured moments of my childhood, and the ability to have these images printed and hanging in my own home brings me immense joy.
I offer the same opportunity to you! If you have a location that you feel the longing to have captured for your own home, I would love to help! Reach out to me and let’s discuss the details!

I Believe in making an impact with art​

It is said that a single picture is worth a thousand words. We help you make an impact with those words through quality fine art photographs that not only impact those who see it, but also hundreds of others who never will.

Let's make an impact together

We not only deliver the highest quality photographic art prints, but we also use our work to make an impact in the world. And you can help! We believe that together we are stronger.
When you collect one of our Fine Art Prints or other products in our shop, a portion of sales goes towards local and global humanitarian projects, and wildlife rescue, rehabilitation, and preservation.
Lion in picture frame against white brick wall

I believe in Wildlife & Habitat Preservation

What happens when a wild animal is injured? Or displaced? Or endangered by the environment they are residing in?
We help support wildlife sanctuaries that rescue endangered or injured animals. Just like regular animal shelters, these sanctuaries are not for profit and can only operate due to donations.
That is why we often look for quality sanctuaries wherever we travel and live so we can support them in their efforts to care for these animals.
We also know how important it is to care for the habitats that these animals call home. We use our opportunities as photographers to support national parks and other habitat conservations that help preserve our forests and wildlife habitats so we can all enjoy the beauty of the earth around us for many years to come.

We believe in Humanitarian works

We also firmly believe in every human’s right to life, liberty, and safety, no matter where they live. We are inspired by the works of Operation Underground Railroad. Visit OURRescue to learn how you can get involved.
We also strive to support and frequently donate to local and global humanitarian efforts such as food banks, emergency relief organizations, shelters for those leaving violent and abusive environments, organizations that feed low income children, Sheepdog impact assistance for combat veterans and first responders, and more.